Trisakti Graduate Program is presented  Graduate Program on Quality And Standardization,  Master of Management in Quality and Standardization (MMQS).

Dual degree cooperation with
The Taylor Institute For Global Enterprise Management, Switzerland and Franklin College, Switzerland.
Supported by Embassy of Switzerland in Jakarta. In cooperation with ISO and BSN.

The program open 3 classes :

1. Fast Track Program (8 months)

2. Regular Class

3. Executive Class

About the Courses offered :

A. Foundational Courses (27 credits)

     * Human Resources Management

     * Managerial Economics

     * Business Environment Economics And Enterpreunership

     * Management Organization And Systems

     * Financial Management

     * Marketing Management

     * Quality Management, Performance and Improvement

     * International Business & Economics of Globalization

     * Quantitative Methods

B.  Concentration Courses – Education about Standards ( 15 credits)

     * Voluntary, Consensus-Based Standards

     * Strategic Planning for Sustainable Business

     * Management System for Quality, Environmental Impact, Energy & Waste

     * Impact Assessment and Risk Management

     * Conformity Assessment

     * Local Wisdom in Standardization

Seminar and Thesis (8 credits)

* Seminar : Local Wisdom in Standardization

* Thesis

Training certificates conversed into credits. The GPQS acknowledges ISO management training held by the Institute For Standardization of Trisakti University (ISTU) or other organizations attended by the applicants. This acknowledgement says any certificate taken from such training will have to be considered of having equivalence to the course credits offered in the concentration of the GPQS.

For more information please contact :

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